Opening PDFs from library


my issue is the following: I am using the 2.0beta and store my attachments with webdav on a server. Everything works fine, except for the fact that when double clicking on a pdf from my library zotero asks me where I want to save the file. However, pressing the "show file"-button opens the local zotero directory in which the pdf is correctly stored, so why would I need to save it again?

thanks for your help!
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    This is Firefox asking you what to do with the PDF, not Zotero.

    However, you can tell Zotero to bypass Firefox in opening PDF files. Look up the hidden preference "extensions.zotero.launchNonNativeFiles" and set it to true. See description on linked page.
  • ah, got it. works now, thank you!
  • For what it's worth, unless you have a PDF plugin installed, Zotero shouldn't pass the file to Firefox to begin with (and if you have a PDF plugin installed, you shouldn't get the open/save prompt unless you've set PDFs not to open in the plugin).

    If you're seeing different behavior (with the above pref off) in Zotero from what you get on web pages in Firefox, there might be a problem in your mimetypes.rdf file.
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