Recurring problems syncing a big library

Report ID: 1725898645

This might be the tenth attempt today *sigh*
Now zotero is syncing to the webdav-server again (after jamming my zotero-server-quota), but the sync was interrupted, again.
  • What's the exact error you're getting?
  • None.

    The sync starts and uploads about 200 to 400 files (of ca. 1800), then the upload hangs untill the next firefox restart. But after the restart the sync doesnt resume. You have to start from scratch and after 200 to 400 ... and so on.
  • Could you generate debug output for the sync attempt from the Advanced pane of the Zotero prefs, submit it to the server, and post the Debug ID here? Thanks.
  • Done.

    The Debug ID is D758215110
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