advanced search not working with the attachments content

edited December 2, 2021
apparently in the advanced search it is not possible to combine the search for a creator name + the search for a given word in its attachments content: the combination gives 0 results even if the author is present and its attachments contain the searched word.
any idea?
or this is by design?
  • Hi Maurizio,

    I had the same problem; I thought it might be a fault in my collection structure, but I see you encountered the same issue. So would it be a beneficial feature, right?

    Can anybody help?

  • hi Marcel,
    in Italia we say "mal comune mezzo gaudio" (literally: evil shared, half joy) :-)
    in fact i was a little sad of being alone with my problem
    hope for a word from the developers!

  • Searches match individual items, and parent items (with creators) and attachments (with content) are separate items. This has advantages for various workflows, but it can make something like this a little more complicated. We'll improve this in the future, but for now, you can do this by using two searches:

    1) A saved search with one of the conditions, plus "Include parent and child items of matching items"

    2) Another with [Collection] [is] [first saved search] and the second condition
  • ahaa! this is one clever reason f for saving searches!
    it works - obviously, but it is always a feast when Zotero shines.
    all the people i teach to use Zotero, end saying: how did i do it before?

    here we have the intersection of bibliographical research with text analysis: terrific!
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