iOS WebDAV error with pCloud (EU): "The network connection was lost."

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  • Have problem connecting with pCloud (EU) WebDAV mine’s D502045931.
  • The network connection was lost.
    @Meowkung.pp: That's a network error, not a Zotero error. Some other people were getting timeouts from pCloud yesterday.
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    @dstillman As of today, Zotero on my iPad still can’t connect to pCloud WebDAV. But my Android device running Zoo for Zotero can connect to said WebDAV.

    Another experiment yields interesting outcome. I purposely put wrong credential into Zotero’s pCloud WebDAV, the app said it not accept my credentials —meaning the problem is not on the authentication. I still confused about where the problem is since at the time I can’t connect to pCloud on my iOS, Zoo on Android device work flawlessly, same network, same WebDAV, and same credentials.
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    @Meowkung.pp: Can you provide some more Debug IDs, for the various attempts described above?
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    It's an HTTP PROPFIND request that's getting interrupted. This is used for server verification and a couple cleanup operations, and from the looks of it Zoo simply doesn't make this request. The relevant test would be WebDAV verification on the desktop, not syncing with Zoo. This is a standard WebDAV method.
  • @dstillman I've tried Zotero Sync in PC (using Windows 10) and found Zotero to work normally as I connect to pCloud. My PC output here: D779214451
    Still can't get Zotero on my iPad to connect to pCloud. The output is.. D1512157439
  • (+0000002): HTTP PUT

    (+0000000): Data: 1 bytes

    (+0000012): HTTP PUT failed with -1
    [ERROR] Zotero(+0000000): No Response
    It's just failing intermittently on different requests.

    We can't help you further here. If you want something that works, use Zotero Storage or a different WebDAV provider that works reliably.
  • @dstillman Thank you for all your help. Even it can't finally resolve the problem. I'll consider using another WebDAV for my works.
  • @dstillman Update on my situation, I've change the WebDAV service to 4Shared and it works great. Thank you for your recommendation.
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