Sync error: Error 500 for item ** in My library ("An error occurred")

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Report ID: 638544056.

What's wrong with my items?

Thanks a lot
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    There's a server issue. We're working on a fix.

    I'm going to keep this thread closed and redirect other threads here.

    No need for further posts. We'll post here when there's an update.

    We're really sorry for the inconvenience.
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    We have to apply a change across all online libraries to fix a database problem. That's underway, but it will take some time to process all libraries.

    Online libraries that haven't yet been processed will be read-only — you can download data via sync or view it in the web library, but you won't be able to upload data. After the change has been applied to a given library, uploads will work again.

    Saving to local libraries in the Zotero desktop app is of course unaffected.
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    We've now fixed this issue for many libraries, and we're continuing to apply the fix to the remaining affected libraries. If you're still having trouble syncing or making changes in the web library, it may still be a number of hours until the problem is resolved for your library.

    Again, you can continue to use the Zotero desktop app locally on your own computer, including syncing down data from the online library and saving data from the browser. Only uploading data to the online library is affected.

    We'll continue to post updates here.
  • All libraries should now be working again.

    Our apologies again for the disruption. This was caused by a counter in our databases hitting a particular limit — 4.3 billion — that was set over a decade ago, and we didn't have proper monitoring for it. We're going to do an audit of other counters to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.
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