Shortcut for library-wide search

edited November 27, 2021
Dear all, this is perhaps a silly question, but how do you quickly search in your library rather than in the current selected collection?

What I do now:
(1) Use my mouse to click "My Library" first, and (2) Ctrl+F. But then I lose my last position in the collection.

I know that Advanced Search is library-wide, but can quick search do the same?

  • I'm missing the same functionallity, too.

    A partial workaround may be to use **Ctrl+Shift+F**, which will open the advanced search pop-up. Like so you can avoid the mouse-action to manually select "My Library". However, as soon as you double-click one of the search results in the pop-up, your previous position will be lost and needs to be re-set manually.

    I stumbled upon an old plug-in [zotero-navigate](, which allows for back-and-forth navigation between different views. However, it is not compatible with Zotero 6 (a github issue on this remained unanswered since May 2022...).

    It would be awsome to have such functionality built into the core of Zotero. For my images I'm using [DigiKam by KDE](, which provides excellent view-history support. Hard to live without, once you started using it...
  • This would be a great if there was a keybinding to achieve this. So that I can search across the library for something with currently open collection being open in background. This is especially useful for someone who has been using Zotero for long period and relies on collections/sub-collections to organise it. Sometimes its too large a list to find it again and again.
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