Encoding problems with WorldCat translator?

Trying to import the book with "Add Item(s) with Identifier" for this ISBN: 978-82-7634-611-4 does not produce an import that preserves the character ΓΈ correctly. It becomes ?? both in the title and for one of the authors. Trying to use Zotero Connector from the WorldCat website: https://www.worldcat.org/title/utviklingssttte-foreldrefokusert-arbeid-med-barn/oclc/1028473545&referer=brief_results produces the same result. Is this an error on WorldCat's part or an issue with the translator for WorldCat?
  • Open WorldCat is a mess, especially, but not only, wrt encoding. You can look at the ris export. They inexplicably have 2, both are broken
  • Thanks for your reply. This confirms my suspicion. Are there any prioritization rules for where Zotero looks for ISBN lookups, and if so, could WorldCat be put further behind among the lookup sites? (it might be WorldCat was the only site for this title)
  • Yes there are and WorldCat is already last (Library of Congress, German library consortium, French national library, then WC)
  • Thank you, then some lookups need some additional editing due to encoding troubles. Good to know where the problem is located nevertheless.
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