MacOS: Process name of Zotero beta?

Hi all,

MacOS 12.0.1

I personally use an Alfred workflow to quit unnecessary app (—-quit-all-apps-with-exceptions/) and it allows a list of excepted apps (from quitting). The list takes the process name of apps.

The workflow works with my existing list of exceptions (names within which I take directly from Activity Monitor), which consists of a handful of apps.

However, Zotero doesn't work w/ the workflow, no matter what I type into the exception list, it always gets quitted. I suspect, then, that the issue isn't to do with the workflow/script but perhaps that my Zotero is in beta?

Grateful for any input. Thanks!
  • You'd have to ask the maker of that workflow what exactly it's using to target apps and how to find the appropriate name or identifier for a given process.

    The executable name for Zotero is always "zotero". The bundle identifier for the beta is org.zotero.zotero-beta. (You can see these by looking at Contents/Info.plist within the app package, as CFBundleExecutable and CFBundleIdentifier.)
  • It turns out that "zotero" is what works; not "Zotero" etc.

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