Tagging Entries of a Bibliography

I'd like to reverse tag all references which I have collected in a bibliography in a word document using Zotero. So that in Zotero all references of said article get a tag, let's say "article 1" and I can easily find them when needed. Is that possible beyond manually going through each reference and tag it?
  • Use this tool https://rintze.zelle.me/ref-extractor/

    Open the document with the tool, click the Select items in Zotero button, then drag the items to a tag or collection.
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    Thank you @bwiernik!
  • Having them selected in Zotero, the right pane shows "38 items selected" but I can't add a tag to it. How do I do it?
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    The reference extractor can also select the existing items in your library that are cited by clicking the Select in Zotero button
  • If you have multiple items selected in Zotero, you can bulk tag them by dragging them to a tag in the tag selector on the left. You can also use the number key to bulk assign colored tags
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