Author first name short form


I would like Zotero to convert the given first names in the correct form when there are more than one. Actually it makes
"Forbes, Robert Jacobus" to "Forbes, RJ." but it has to be "Forbes R. J.".

So I would like to change f.ex.
Sousa, MM. -> Sousa, M. M.
Forbes, RJ. -> Forbes R. J.

Where can I change it so that it becomes automatic?
Thank you in advance
  • That's set in citation style. (initialize-with)
    Are you customizing your own or is this wrong in an existing style?
  • I am editing an existing style (Metropol Verlag). So I have to go to "Global Formatting Settings" and then Enable the "initialize with"?
  • and set it to ". ", yes.
  • Thank you! But sadly there is still no point between the two first names.
  • Right sorry, you also need to disable or change it where it's currently set to "", likely on name. You could search in the code editor or try clicking on the names at the top right (it's likely set as part of name)
  • Thank you very much! Now it works!
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