Can't add citation to images

When I try to add citations to images I get a dialog saying: "Zotero experienced an error updating your document."

I have activated the Zotero logs and after that, I've tried inserting a citation in an image. I get this:

(3)(+0006547): Integration: WinWord-addEditCitation:'https://...document.docx' invoked

(3)(+0000006): Integration: Instantiating;1 for command addEditCitation with doc https://...document.docx

(4)(+0000074): ZoteroWinWordIntegration: getDocumentData

(4)(+0000627): ZoteroWinWordIntegration: cursorInField

(4)(+0000079): ZoteroWinWordIntegration: canInsertField

(4)(+0000007): ZoteroWinWordIntegration: cursorInField

(4)(+0000063): ZoteroWinWordIntegration: insertField

(3)(+0000007): Integration: WinWord-addEditCitation:'https://...document.docx' complete in 0.862s

(4)(+0000001): ZoteroWinWordIntegration: cleanup

(4)(+0000030): ZoteroWinWordIntegration: displayAlert

(4)(+0000023): ZoteroWinWordIntegration: complete

(3)(+0000041): Moving window to 461, 393

(1)(+0001154): This command is not available. [insertFieldRaw:\vboxsvr\adomas\zotero\word-for-windows-integration\build\zoterowinwordintegration\document.cpp]

I have Office 365 for desktop in Windows 10 and Zotero

Last week this was working.

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    What do you mean by "add citations to images"? Add a citation in an image caption in Word?
  • I'm very sorry, nothing is broken, it was just a dumb mistake on my side.
    I don't know why did I think that selecting an image and then clicking the add citation button was the way to add a citation to an image. As you say, adding a citation to an image caption is what I wanted to do, and that works perfectly as always has.

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