two accounts: kill me now

Hi everyone,
sorry if this has already been answered but I figured with new updates, etc it might be worth giving this another try. Here goes:
I have two zotero accounts for reasons I cannot fathom. One has bigger storage, and this is the account that I want to use. In the standalone app, I seem to be using the limited storage account. I don't want this.
I basically want to ensure that:
1. libraries between the two accounts are shared or merged so I don't lose anything
2. ensure the standalone app is using the account with bigger storage

Is this a case of unlinking? Help!
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    It's easy.

    First, note that we can always transfer a storage subscription to another account if you email So if that's the only issue, just do that. You can also join groups either either account, and transfer ownership of groups you own from the group settings online (as I've mentioned previously).

    If you do want merge accounts, you can just export the library to Zotero RDF with notes and files from the account you want to get rid of, switch the sync settings to the other account, and import the RDF into there. Note that you will lose Date Added/Modified values and links to existing citations in word processor documents for any reimported items (which is why you should export from the account with less important data).

    Before switching accounts, make sure you make a backup of your Zotero data directory, and make sure you're fully in sync, since switching accounts will delete all local data for that account.

    Once you have a single account with all your data, you can log into the old account online and delete it from the account settings.
  • thank you for this info! I still have a question or two, which I hope you might be able to answer:
    1. I have a library in both accounts that does not allow me to add an attached file (article in pdf) - whatever I do, nothing works. I suspect this is because I may have set this group library up in the account with the basic 300MB. Even in the upgraded account I cannot the file itself.
    2. I think this is where I am stuck and want some extra help: the stand alone app is clearly showing the libraries from the basic 300mb account. is it possible to change which account it is in the stand alone app? I think if I did this it might solve my problem. I am hesitant to unlink the account in the stand alone app in case I do damage and lose my notes,etc (as I have been taking notes from the pdf and extracting them in the standalone app which is connected to the basic account....

    hope that makes sense...thanks again!
  • I have a library in both accounts that does not allow me to add an attached file
    One of your libraries has file editing disabled. You can change that from the group settings on the website when logged in as the group owner (as long as it's not a Public Open group). Nothing to do with the storage quota.
    is it possible to change which account it is in the stand alone app?
    Sure, you can change the account you're syncing with in the Sync pane of the preferences, but Zotero will need to delete all your local data when you do so (after warning you and getting confirmation).

    You only have about a dozen items in the personal library of both accounts, so there's not that much data there. Data in group libraries won't be affected, since you could access those from either account. You can drag items to a group library to preserve them (though note that annotations from the new PDF reader in the Zotero beta aren't yet supported in groups).

    To avoid future confusion, you should probably delete one of your accounts after you've made sure you've consolidated your data.
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