Potential accessibility issues with video demonstrations

Here are a few potential accessibility with video demonstrations using the JAWS screen reader. I haven't tried with NVDA or VoiceOver.

I can try to connect with the WCAG guidelines, if that would help.

Issue 1. There buttons in a toolbar in the visual interface of the desktop application that I can't seem to access with the keyboard commands. The video shows me trying:


Issue 2. In the information panel on the desktop app, I am trying to switch between title and sentence case, but it seems to require the mouse


Issue 3. In the information panel, there are some issues around the labels of the metadata form elements


Issue 4. I can't seem to be able to find a way to move an item to another collection using the keyboard only.

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    Thanks for posting these and providing the clear videos.

    As we mentioned via email, we're working to hire an accessibility specialist to focus entirely on these sorts of issues across all of Zotero's platforms.

    Re: the issue you forwarded via email about a user being "unable to navigate the screen in the Zotero desktop client beta version", we're aware of some accessibility regressions regarding rows not being read properly in the collections and items trees — which are completely rewritten in the beta — and should have some fixes soon, definitely before Zotero 6. If that's not what the person is referring to, we'd need more details.
  • It might be better to meet and show and discuss the problems. There are things that may be going on in the visual interface that blind users might not be able to notice and therefore not be able to describe. Coming together to work through it might be most effective.
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    Still some tweaks to make, but accessibility of the collections and items trees should be much better in the latest beta. (There's a bug where all rows are announced as disabled, but that's already fixed for the next version.)
  • I would still appreciate the opportunity to meet to discuss as it is easier to clarify concerns this way.

    My understanding of the user's concerns is that the beta has serious navigation issues with JAWS and that updates would be pushed automatically to users. If so, then that would push accessibility bugs to users currently in the midst of research projects.

    These concerns, and any others, might be more easily clarified in a Zoom or Teams meeting.
  • As I say, those problems in the beta should be fixed — the beta includes complete replacements for the collection and item trees, and there were some accessibility regressions that should now be fixed. If there are other issues, someone can report them after trying the latest beta. We're aware of some accessibility issues in the new PDF reader, but those aren't regressions.

    We don't offer video-based support, sorry. A future accessibility specialist on our team might work with people via other channels, but this is where all Zotero support happens, and accessibility problems can be reported here just like all other bugs.
  • Will users have the option to easily deactivate automatic updates?

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    1) Major versions aren't automatically installed at first.

    2) Automatic upgrades can always be disabled in the config editor, but we strongly discourage that, since older versions aren't supported and will stop working properly (e.g., stop syncing, stop receiving translator updates). It's not something regular users should do.

    3) You're not really engaging with that I'm saying. I'm telling you that we believe the issue you forwarded to us is fixed. If there are other problems, those should be reported to us so we can fix them before the release. We're not aware of any remaining accessibility regressions in the beta. (None of the issues you reported above are regressions.) There shouldn't be any need for people not to upgrade. Since we're actively working on fixing some long-standing accessibility problems, if anything the new version should be more accessible, not less.
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