Plugins not appearing in Cite → Word Processors

This discussion was created from comments split from: Word could not communicate with Zotero.
  • Hello - I am having exactly the same problem, also using beta - neither the LibreOffice or Word plugins are working. They appear in the add-ons dialog but not in the Preferences - Cite - WordProcessors dialog. Is my only solution still to revert to the main version? I am finding the beta REALLY useful for annotating on my iPad so would like to avoid it if possible!
  • @CeciliaThirlway your issue is not related to the one on this thread. Make sure you are running Zotero not from the image file, but you have dragged it into /Applications. So restart Zotero and make sure you run /Applications/
  • Thank you for helping but I think I am running it from Applications. Just in case I just restarted it and then went to the Applications folder and opened it from there, and it has not made any difference.
  • You can also try closing Zotero, opening the Zotero profile directory, deleting extensions.json, and restarting Zotero.

    If it's still not working after that, provide a Report ID.
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