Help for formatting the citations in Royal Chemical Society

In the Royal Chemical Society template for publishing articles, if we need to add several citations for the same subject, the references need to use only one number in the References part but containing multiples references as follow:

1. (a). author1, author 2..., journal title, year, volume, pages; (b). author1', author2',....journal title', year', volume', pages'; (c) ....

I don't know how to include several references for the same number in the main text. Could I have some help please ?
  • I'm a little confused by your message, but it sounds like you just need to add a single footnote in the main text, and then just add multiple citations - if you're using the default Zotero Word plugin, you just search for each reference and enter each one, if you're using the Classic Citation version, you use the 'Multiple citations' button (see
  • No, these composite numeric styles as used in some chemistry journals aren't footnotes and just aren't supported in Zotero/CSL
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