Feature request: Switching between PDF view and metadata/info [iOS Beta]

The latest iOS version is very slick on the iPad, but I would still like to be able to easily switch between the PDF viewer and the info.
In the main view, with a list of manuscript entries, there are icons for a PDF and info symbol. These should also be present in the fullscreen view:
Currently [version 1.0 (168)] in the info/metadata view, there is a button ‘View PDF’ - this could use the PDF icon instead. In the PDF view, there is no similar button to get back to the info view. I propose this is added, and the ‘info’ icon used for this.
  • I am now using version 1.0.11 and this issue still persists. It is still complicated to get from the PDF reader view back to the metadata view (necessary to mark up the manuscript with comments/tags after reading).
    Is there a plan to implement a solution in a future version?
  • In the pdf file in the library, I cannot fill in the information as it is in the item type. How can I provide the date, and author in the pdf uploaded file?
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