Video export without field: Running Time

How can we export video data including the field 'Running Time'? (ris, bibtex ...)
Or is there any special format needed? (Zotero:
  • For what purpose? Zotero RDF and CSL JSON would definitely have it. I'd think BibLaTeX too, but haven't checked
  • Ok, many filters export the video/tv data exactly (csv,...).
    But that does'nt help me.
    Purpose is to import data of television programms an videos out of a text file exported of the old LARS-Program (similiar to structure: ris). No other file is available!
    For this import I need the exact identifier for the field 'running time'.
    To get this identifier I want to export the video/tv data per ris file, but the field 'running time' is totaly missing. (althoug I tried: "hh:mm:ss", "mmm minutes" and many other formats)
    For me it would mean a lot of work to convert my ris file into a csv file.
  • So you want to import *into* Zotero using RIS Ina way that includes runningTime? That can be done with a pretty simple modification of the RIS import script. If you confirm I understood that right,.we can tell you how
  • Yes, that would be great! - How can I do that?
  • Quick version: find RIS in the Translator Editor in Zotero (under tools > developer)

    *or* in the translator folder in the Zotero data directory

    Between line 188 and 189 insert:

    Restart Zotero and it will import/export running Time to/from the RT tag in RIS
  • Thank you, but sorry: With notepad++ I copied the line
    into the file RIS.js between line 188 an 189.
    But now the programm freezes when showing the green export progress bar.
    The import only brings one of 87 videos into zotero and here only a few fields with wrong content. Is there something I forgot to do?
  • The line needs to end with a comma, did you have that?
  • yes, the whole line with the comma copied and inserted
  • Sorry, RT was a bad choice (it conflicts with "RefWorks Tagged" import).

    Use DR (for "duration") instead, so

    That should work for import. For export, you also need to add the new tag (i.e. DR) to the export order in line 1863
  • Good hint - it works - thank you very much!

    Just one question left:
    How can I make zotero import the data type of "TVBroadcast".
    (After export it has the type oft 'MPCT' (as a 'film').
    So I don't know, how to import the data as TVBroadcast.)
  • Hi,
    meanwhile I'm almost an expert in java and zotero:
    I managed it all by my self!
    Thank You very much once again: Zotero is realy an ingenious programm!
  • Yay! Nice job figuring this out! Note that your customization of ris.js will get overwritten in the future. Will you need this import procedure again or are you done?
  • I did a backup of the modified ris.js file. - Thank you for the hint!
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