Zotero citations not highlighted in GoogleDocs

Hi! I'm editing a paper for a journal that request the citations made with Zotero. They have sent the paper back to me because the citations are not highlighted, but the citations are not highlighted when I insert them. I see a lot of people having the opposite problem on internet, but nothing about my situation. Does someone know what can I do? They won't send the paper to the reviewers until the references are highlighted...
  • Not clear what "highlighted" means in this case. Zotero citations in Google Docs aren't highlighted in the same way as they are in Word. If they're active citations, you'll see an "Edit with Zotero" popup when you click on them in Google Docs, as long as you have the Zotero Connector installed.

    If what you're actually submitting to them is a Word document, you have to follow the transfer steps to create a Word document with active citations, and then send that to them.
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