iOS beta ‘Remote sync in progress’ sync failure.

Latest beta on an iPad Pro had worked until a few hours ago, but since I keep getting error messages, mostly the one mentioned in the title. Debug ID D951184008
I made sure to close the app on my PC and force quit + relaunched non the iPad.
Is it a sync issue with the WebDAB or the Zotero server? Only one PDF file appears as not properly synced.
  • Fixed that PDF by reattaching it to the entry and the sync error message keeps popping up on the iPad. Regardless, the new PDF downloads just fine, so I think it’s a Zotero server error message. No such problem on the phone (same iOS and Zotero beta version).
  • The problem persists even after deleting and reinstalling the iOS app. Sync is OK, but I keep getting the error message. Still only on the iPad, not on the phone (same iOS and Zotero versions).
  • It is somehow connected to WebDAV syncing, because after reinstall, the app reverted to the default Zotero server sync and the error message didn’t appear upon first sync. When switching to WebDAV, it reappeared again.
    Not urgent, because the app is operational, it’s a minor annoyance.
  • edited November 29, 2021
    Try the latest version and see if that helps, and provide another Debug ID if you're still having trouble.
  • No error messages following the first two syncs. Thanks for the update!
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