iOS WebDAV error: item prop invalid

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    (Please start new threads for new issues — your issue isn't about WebDAV verification. I've moved this to a new thread.)
    HTTP GET succeeded with 200
    [ERROR] Zotero(+0000001): WebDavController: SNAPJIY5 item prop invalid. mtime=0; hash=missing
    [ERROR] Zotero(+0000001): WebDavController: finish failed upload - itemPropInvalid
    If you go to your WebDAV files, download SNAPJIY5.prop, and open it in a text editor, what are the contents?
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    <properties version="1"><mtime>0</mtime><hash><null></hash></properties>
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    What are the dates of the above .prop files on the WebDAV server?

    Did you upload these files to WebDAV originally from the iOS app, from the desktop app, or something else?
  • SNAPJIY5.prop 20.11.2021 22.27
    Z4IVHHK7.prop 18.11.2021 12.09
    GAC3TGV5.prop 18.11.2021 10.31
    29ZQ9VGV.prop 18.11.2021 12.09

    No. I just try to sync ios app and i can't see pdfs.
  • Not sure what you mean by that. Again, where did you first add the files (e.g., PDFs) and sync to WebDAV?
  • Sorry about my English. I can't explain myself very well.

    I added my files from Zotero desktop app.
  • It looks like the associated items were added months ago, though, and the .prop files are from November 18th. Do you think you were using the iOS app during those times on November 18th or the desktop app?

    Basically, the .prop files contain invalid values, and we need to figure out which app created them, the iOS app or the desktop app.

    If you paste SNAPJIY5 or the other item keys into the desktop Zotero search bar in All Fields & Tags mode, do the associated files exist on that computer, and can you open them?
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