[Feature Request] make the internal pdf reader FULLSCREEN in zotero

I need the feature to make the pdf file fullscreen to concentrate, please add this feature to zotero.
I think it is very helpful to use all the screen area to read pdfs, especially in 16:9 devices . Zotero is very useful to manage my research resources, if the preview function can makes the full use of my screen then zotero is my ONLY software to manage and review articles, so please add the FULLSCREEN button and the sortcut to zotero.

thanks a lot
  • I fully agree that a fullscreen option would be an extremely nice feature. Since you have your notes on the right and a list of annotations on the left, you wouldn't need to leave it.
  • In Windows, even when maximized, there would still be a title bar, a menu bar, a tab bar, a toolbar, and (to the bottom) a taskbar taking up the vertical viewport. A fullscreen mode would definitely help for PDF viewing.

    For macOS, I believe the system-level fullscreen mode is already free from the title bar, menu bar, and taskbar; not to mention MacBooks usually have 16:10 screens.
  • I would like to +1 this feature, especially now that v.6 is officially rolled out!
  • +1 for this feature. It would be nice to have fullscreen mode both on desktop and iOS.
  • In the meantime you can right click on the tab in the tab bar and then go to Move Tab and then select "Move to New Window" which gives you a popout window which gets rid of the tab bar for a reading experience which is a little bit quieter
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