reference does not have an author, zotero will not pull it up by title

I have a reference saved in zotero, but it doesn't have an author, and when I try to use the reference, it can't find it. Typing it in the word doc doesn't work either. The typed in reference gets erased. How can I get zotero to place the cite?

Related question: zotero didn't pull the author from an online article (not the same one). how do I fix it?
  • You have to fix the item metadata in Zotero, not in the document.

    The metadata that gets saved depends entirely on where you're saving from, so we'd need an example URL.
  • But the first part is a real issue, no? Surely the quick format bar should allow adding items without creators?
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    It depends what exactly @dchun888 is typing and what the item looks like. You can certainly search for items by title in the Quick Format bar.

    @dchun888: If you think the search isn't working properly, can you take screenshots of 1) the citation dialog with your search term and 2) the item metadata in Zotero, upload them somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive), and provide a link here?
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