My Zotero Data Directory

Even though I have been using Zotero for a while, file sizes seem very small.
The names, sizes, and dates of all files beginning with "zotero.sqlite" :
+ zotero.sqlite, 2.7 MB without disk, Created - 15 October 2021.
+ zotero.sqlite-journal, 99 KB without disk, Created - 21 November 2021
+ zotero.sqlite.1.bak, 2.4 MB without disk, Created -20 November 2021
+ zotero.sqlite.bak, 2.69 MB without disk, Created - 21 November 2021
2) There is a storage folder with dates corresponding to my previous usage of Zotero
3) My current data directory is the default location.
4) I used Zotero today, nothing happened to my computer since then.
5) I have tried looking for other files named "zotero.sqlite", but the ones listed are the only ones.
  • The Zotero application is not working. When I click on the Zotero app, it says "An error has occurred. Please restart Zotero.". None of my notes are visible.
  • Can you provide a Report ID?

    The instructions you were following are for missing Zotero data, which isn't the problem you're experiencing. It doesn't look like there's anything wrong with your data directory (assuming you just started using Zotero in October and don't have that many items).
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