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Hallo i am new to Zotero,

however the are the following restrictions to my thesis, which concern citations about internetsources. There is the rule of citation for websites has to be in footnotes and of this form:

Autor, Title of the website/topic, Internetsource

Here: Internetsource is a hyperlink and leading to the Website.

Can anybody help me with this?

best regards
  • So the word "Internetsource" is supposed to be hyperlinked? Sorry, that is not possible
  • Yeah, the whole website like https://www.adress..... should not be in the footnote. So we should avoid the plain text of the internet-address and thus just refer to the Author, Title, Internetsource (<- this word) in the footnote. And when you click on "Internetsource" its a hyperlink to the website article I am citing.

    Ok if this doesn't work, can I cite with Zotero for my main citations (books, journal articles) and do the internet sources manually, or will that mess up my whole citation, bibliography at the end of my thesis?
  • That is an unusual style request! One option I can think of is to modify the style so that you create an HTML version of a hyperlink (so your output would be [Webpagetitle]. You can use the VIsual CSL editor to do this easily enough (I have created such a style for writing blog posts, where I don't footnote but instead hyperlink).

    Then, at the end of your footnoting process, you can 'break' the link with Zotero and use a text editor to convert the html to a clickable hyperlink. This will work better with some software programs than it will with Word. On a Mac, I use TextSoap, which has a 'cleaner' that will convert the html into a clickable hyperlink (it doesn't work as well with footnotes, better with in-text citations) within Word. (I use it for all other kinds of things that might be useful with a thesis, and it's actually also very handy for no-code extraction into Zotero as well, so well worth the investment if you're a Mac user).
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