Zotero for iOS: frequently getting logged off

It happens every few times I launch Zotero app on my iPad (with iOS 15) that I am asked to log in again. I use Zotero app a lot, so this happens literally every other day. Filling in the password is not that much of a problem (they are stored on the iPad anyway), but what is troubling me is that thanks to this enforced logging in, I cannot launch Zotero app while not connected to the internet.
  • Can you reproduce this just by killing the app and reopening it? In other words, if you open the app, log in, open the app switcher, swipe up to force-quit the app, and reopen Zotero, are you logged out?

    If not, what do you have to do to get logged out?
  • I did exactly what you asked for: I launched the app (this time I was asked to log in), then I killed it (by swiping it off from the list of running apps), then launched it again - and there was no need to log in again.
  • OK, unless @michalrentka has any other ideas, you'll probably need to do some more debugging to figure out exactly what actions trigger the logout.
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    I only I knew hot to debug on iPad :-) As a (moderately experienced) Linux user I feel completely unarmed on iPad.

    I anticipate that if I switch to Zotero some time later today or maybe tomorrow at latest, I will again be forced to log in. In the meantime the app will not even be killed (I rarely do it, I only use just a few apps on iPad and I keep them running all the time) and I will even use the app a few times without the need to log in.
  • Perhaps it helps. I experienced the same behavior just a few minutes ago. It was triggered following an initiated debug option. If that’s not the context in which the problem occurs for @hurak then sorry for the false alarm.
  • I am not aware of initiating any debugging. All the settings of the app are at their defaults.
  • Just to check, is your iPad by any chance low on storage?

    Is there anything else non-standard about this device (e.g., company-provisioned)?
  • Also, does this only happen when you're offline when you start the app?
  • Not low on storage (still some 100 GB free). Nothing nonstandard about the iPad I can think of.

    And it happens both when I am on-line and offline.

    But it is hard to reproduce. It only happens from time to time. But no such enforced logging in to any other app on the iPad that requires logging.
  • OK, @michalrentka will need to investigate.
  • I've also had to re-log in every day the past 3 days. Unfortunately, I don't have any other information to provide on how to reproduce this.
  • This just happened again. When I logged back in, I was presented with a debug ID. Not sure if it's relevant, but it's D421429940.
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