No adding bibliography to word document

Hi all, I am trying to add the reference list (bibliography) to my PhD thesis, but it does not work. The debug log gives the following message:

"(3)(+0098986): Integration: Request already in progress; not executing MacWord16 addEditBibliography"

What should I do?

Thank you,
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    Restart Zotero and Word and try again.

    Don't try to do it twice. It just might take a while in a large document.
  • HI distillman, I figured it was just because Zotero was already undertaking that operation. I re-started everything and opened the debug long as I first pressed on the bibliography button. It took a file, but I could see whether Zotero was getting stuck or not in this way. Very happy it all worked out! Thank you, Artemide.
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