iOS WebDAV: The attached file could not be found

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  • Hello,
    In my case connection ok with my credentials on Nextcloud storage with Let's Encrypt certificates but I can't access files getting "Error The attached file could not be found".

    Debug D1978297891
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    AttachmentDownloader: failed to download attachment JSVD64PA, custom(Zotero.RCustomLibraryType.myLibrary) - incompatibleAttachment
    Does this happen for any file, or only some? Can you provide another Debug ID for trying to download a PDF?
  • This happens for any file. Here is a Debug ID when trying to download several PDF.

    Debug ID D125912608
  • Does this still happen with the latest build?
  • @houdiniL: Actually, you're just using linked files, not stored files. So this doesn't have anything to do with file syncing, which doesn't apply to linked files.
  • same issue with Zotero 1.0 (167) :(

    Debug ID D1900470140
  • See above.
  • OK. I understand.
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