Exclude words from being capitalized in journal names?

I am looking for a way to exclude words from being capitalized in journal names when the title of the article is in English, but the journal name is not. In this situation I enter "en" in the language field to accomplish correct capitalization of the title. However the journal name is also capitalized according to English rules for capitalization. I would like to be able to prevent that to happen. Is there a way to accomplish this? If for example a No-Width Non Break character could be treated as a capital letter or made to signal that the character following should not be capitalized that would do it. I have tried with several characters but none of them will do the job. Any suggestions?
  • Is there someone that might offer som advice on my question above?
  • I don't think we have anything. I generally avoid using title casing on journal titles for that reason, but since some catalogs (most notably PubMed) store journals in sentence case, that is not without it's problems either
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    Thank you for your comment.
    The problem I have is that when I add a journal name such as: "Nordisk tidsskrift for pedagogikk og kritikk" and add: "en" to the language field because the title (and content) of the article is in English, the journal name becomes "Nordisk Tidsskrift for Pedagogikk Og Kritikk." "For" is recognized as a preposition that happens to be the same in both Norwegian and English but "og" (and) is not and is therefore capitalized in English. It would have been good if there was a way to apply <span class="nocase"> and </span> for other fields in addition to the title field, or another solution that prevented capitalization in some way.
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