About customized page-range-delimiter with non-consecutive multiple pages

edited November 17, 2021
hi all,

I customized page-range-delimiter with <term name="page-range-delimiter">~</term> in <locale>, most items displayed the page-range-delimiter as , however the hyphen remained for the item with non-consecutive multiple pages such as 128-140+188. Is there a solution for this issue except change the Pages field in Zotero?

A csl file with customized page-range-delimiter https://gist.github.com/redleafnew/3dd52a30e0ae21c9d3fbaf0b888b3ad0

An example item with non-consecutive multiple pages https://gist.github.com/redleafnew/29a4cfed732db60bdacab1ea0d18ae9b
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