files produced by Zotero OCR, and then deleted, remain as zombies

i installed Zotero OCR, which works well and answers a need felt by those who don't have Acrobat to OCR PDF files which are simple image packages, as it often happens with older journals, for example.

OK, Zotero OCR can produce an annotation file and/or a OCRed PDF file. let's say that you don't want them because you chose the wrong language for the OCR, and you delete them at interface level in Zotero.
fact is that the 'deleted' files remain in the item folder.

hence my question: why Zotero doesn't delete the files at filesystem level if i delete them at interface level? in itself is not a problem, probably; but we are accustomed that a file deletion really deletes the file.

  • edited November 16, 2021
    We can't help with plugins, but if you're referring to attached files, those aren't deleted on disk until the attachment item is removed from the Zotero trash (or the trash is emptied, which happens automatically after 30 days by default).
  • wonderful, thank you.
    didn't know of this way of working of the deletions.
    which is useful and intelligent, indeed.
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