Mac: control-option-e causes error

I am using the beta version of Zotero (for the Safari connector) and now I am getting errors when trying to edit citations, Zotero tells me I need to place the cursor in a Zotero field - but the cursor was there.

Using the Zotero buttons in the Zotero tab in Word works fine, it is just the keyboard command which causes the error.
  • There's no default keyboard shortcut — that would be something you assigned. You'd have to check what you assigned it to.
  • It is assigned to "ZoteroEditCitation"
  • You want to assign it to ZoteroAddEditCitation, which is what's equivalent to the toolbar button.
  • Ok.

    Why does the other Macro no longer work - it used to. Is this from an old version? I recently had to upgrade to the latest beta to be able to use the Safari connector, is this the problem?
  • It's from an old version — from many years ago, so nothing to do with the beta — but the editing part is the same, so it should work the same as the toolbar button if your cursor is actually over a citation. You'd get an error if your cursor wasn't on a citation.

    You should make sure you haven't accidentally flattened your citations. If you have, clicking the toolbar button would bring up an empty citation dialog (since it's "Add" too) rather than one that's populated with the existing citation. ZoteroEditCitation would display an error because there's no citation at the cursor position.
  • The cursor was definitely inside of the citation (I have fields displayed in grey permanently), and they definitely weren't flattened. I most certainly got that very error.

    The cursor moved to the footnote number inside the main text and selected that and then I received the error message. This has never happened before, but it happened after I installed the recent beta (because I had the problem of the Zotero extension being gone after I updated Safari).

    Using the toolbar button worked fine with exactly the same placement of the cursor, with the existing citiation (and not empty).

    Whatever, it is probably a good idea to use the newer extensions. Perhaps the old ones were really, really old. I didn't even realise I was still using old ones.

    Can I delete those old Macros, and how would I do that?
  • @adomasven might be able to comment on why the old macro behaves differently for editing, but it really doesn't matter. Just set it to the correct macro and don't think about it again.
  • Done. Thanks!
  • The old macros are still around for compatibility reasons for users like you who would have set up those shortcuts a long time ago, but it's been nearly 5 years since the official plugin has stopped using them and it's probably time to simply remove the old macros now as there's little reason to be using them over the new ones.
  • Should I remove them, or will they be removed in a future version?
  • They'll be removed in a future version. Again, you don't need to worry about this.
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