[Feature-request] Tab for quotes


I think, it would be very handy to not only have a tab for notes and tags in the right column, but also a tab for quotes from a book, article, etc. As a tab between the "info" and the "notes"-tab. Where every quote and its pagenumber(s) (and the type of the quote: verbatim or paraphrase) can be stored.
  • In the beta version of Zotero, quotes highlighted with Zotero‚Äôs new PDF reader show up with page numbers in notes
  • Great to hear that, but that doesn't help, when you manually want to enter quotes from printed books you don't get as a PDF. And by the way: quotes and notes are different things and should be handled on different tabs.
  • (You might want to at least consider that just because you're used to something from another tool, that doesn't make it "right"; you can find a detailed description behind the behavior of notes as a drafting tool in the beta in some of dstillman's posts in the relevant threads)
  • I didn't suggest this, because other tools do it that way. (Although Citavi does it this way.) But because I think, that these are logically two different things.

    E.g. when I make notes for a title, from whom I borrowed it, when I have to give it back, its availability in libraries (with shelf-marks), etc. I store it in notes, because these are notes for a title, that have nothing to do with the title itself.

    But quotes are part of the title itself, that should not be mixed with notes about it. And in the quotes part there could also be templates, that allow not only to save the quote, but also the pages, notes for that quote (e.g. see also). In the notes field you have to enter all that manually and use different layouts.

    And last but not least, it is very annoying to search quotes between notes and vice versa to search notes between quotes.

    Therefore I think, different tabs for quotes an notes would be a great improvement. Not because others do it that way. I agree, that this shouldn't be a reason. But because it is better.
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