beta build & zotfile: extract highlights doesn't work?

Hey! I'm pretty new to all of this so apologies if this is a silly question.

I'm currently using the Zotero beta and built-in PDF reader and I have Zotfile installed. When I finish highlighting a PDF, I would expect to be able rightclick on the file in Zotero, Manage Attachments -> Extract Annotations in order to get my highlighted sections exported to a Note. However whenever I do this I get a little popup window in the lower right hand corner with the name of the document and a red "X", and nothing is extracted.

Am I doing something wrong? Or does Zotfile not work right in the Beta? Or something else entirely?!
  • You don’t use ZotFile to extract annotations created with the new PDF reader, which provides many ways to add annotations to notes itself.
  • oh ok thanks I think I've found it, when I'm in the PDF reader I can bring up the notes section with the button in the upper right, and then add a new item note from annotations. cheers!
  • You can also drag and drop, use the annotation context menu in the PDF view or annotation sidebar, or create a note from annotations in the item context menu in the items list.
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