Hi, I have 1074 items, a majority of them jounral articles and some newspaper articles. I have no movies or videos etc. Can i reach my storage limit with just 1074 items? I saw on another forum reply that someone from Zotero said that a 1000 odd documents shouldn't exhaust storage. what am I doing wrong? When I see an article online that I need, I wait for the connector to look like a page and then click on it and it saves it. I also download the file so I don't need Zotero to save PDFs. Am I saving it incorrectly? All I need zotero is really to help me cite in-text and create bibliography. I don't really need it to save entire PDFs.
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    All the items in your library taking up space were added several years ago. If you don't want them, delete them, or delete the attachments. Then empty the trash.
    I also download the file so I don't need Zotero to save PDFs
    There's no reason to manually save PDFs. You should fix direct saving to the Zotero app, and then let Zotero download and store the PDFs for you. If you don't want to sync them, you can just turn off file sync.
  • Thank you! Can you please tell me how to delete the attachments? Can I still cite them and create bibliography from files with no attachments? Thanks!
  • If you select just the attachment, i.e. expand the Zotero item select only the attachment, then right-click --> Move to trash that will only delete the attachment and won't affect bibliographies.
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