shrinking library size

I just saw that my library shrank from 32 MB to 12 MB (with some 5000 items). I did not delete a great number of items, I did not empty the trash with thousands of items. If anything, my library grew. Did you somehow compress the data when introducing the new 2.0 b7.2 or is there something wrong?
  • Did you clear the full-text index?

    Do you still have the 32MB file?
  • edited October 8, 2009
    yes, I still do have an old file. You are right, I saw that my index was almost zero (only 5 files are indexed). Since having upgraded to b7.2 I have only worked on my laptop (and never on my desktop). Is it possible that somehow the index got lost by upgrading, or not syncing the other computer? I cannot remember having cleared the index on purpose.
    (It is not a problem for me, since everything works fine. I justed wanted to bring the issue to your attention)
  • The full-text index doesn't currently sync.
  • Ah, then I had possibly two libraries of differing size, because I never had my library on the laptop indexed, or, at some point deleted the index. But that means that the index is actually about twice as big as the library!
  • It is. The index makes your library huge.
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