Export my Zotero Library

ist it possible to export my Zotero Library in a way, that I can import it in Word in APA style, as a correct bibliography?
Problem: I need all my literature in the bibliography, not only the ones I talk about in my Exposé.
I found in the menu "export library", but I can only export in strange formatting.
I work with Zotero

Thanks in advance!
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    Have you been using Zotero's Word plugin to insert citations? If so Zotero will generate a bibliography for you from the citations in the document, and you can add uncited items to the bibliography.

    If you just want to copy a flat bibliography into a document, you can right-click on a collection or items and select the "Create Bibliography…" option.
  • I have the plugin.
    Now I found it: It works only for collections for copy the bibliography in word, not for the entire library.

    Thanks a lot!!! And have a nice day!
  • Well, no — you can always select all items in the library, right-click, and choose "Create Bibliography from Items". That's just very rarely a thing you want to do, unless you've only used Zotero for one project and really want to include every single item in your library.

    But to be clear, if you're using the Word plugin, you wouldn't be using "Create Bibliography from Collection/Items" at all — you'd use the plugin to create the bibliography. Again, you can add uncited items to the bibliography via the plugin.
  • Ah great!
    Yes I use it only for one project in the moment.
    Thanks again!!!
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