5.0.97-beta.53+f583416d8 start-up bug w/ Zothero

Context: Not entirely sure when the issue started, perhaps 2 beta versions ago?

Problem: when Zotero is triggered w/ Zothero (when fully quitted), Zotero fails to display library upon start-up. https://i.imgur.com/VBXXqlc.png No matter how long the wait is.

Workaround: fully quit Zotero then restart Zotero manually (not triggered by Zothero). Once the library is loaded, then, Zothero can be used normally.

  • That might be something you need to report to ZotHero, but can you provide a Report ID to start?
  • Apologies! I hope to have captured the error just now: 1102320582

  • No errors in there, I'm afraid.

    Can you go to the Config Editor in the Advanced pane of the preferences, enable extensions.zotero.debug.store, close Zotero, trigger this problem, and then submit the debug output via Help → Debug Output Logging and tell us the Debug ID?
  • Cheers for the immediate response. Here is it: D363395916 see if this works.

    Nevertheless I noticed something odd w/ ZotHero-triggered start: https://i.imgur.com/MOxnTIY.png, notice the absence of debug output logging menu *and* that clicking Report Errors button does NOT prompt the report-error-window.
  • How did you submit that if you didn't have the Debug Output Logging menu? For that matter, how did you provide the above Report ID?

    Both error reports and debug output are cleared between restarts, so if these were just for the non-ZotHero startup, they wouldn't be useful. (This debug output also just seems to show file sync activity, so you'd have to temporarily disable file sync for this to include anything relevant. But again, it would have to be debug output for the broken startup.)

    I think you're going to need to contact the ZotHero developer here. Zotero obviously starts up properly normally, and they should both know what they're doing differently and better be able to capture relevant errors or debug output.
  • I see. Thanks anyway!

    My steps were as follow:
    1. In already opened Zotero, enabled debug/report-error;
    2. Quit Zotero
    3. Use ZotHero to trigger Zotero restart, obtain error. (Later discovered that options in help menu do not work)
    4. Quit Zotero
    5. Restart Zotero normally, send report.

    I had thought that 1 could capture 2-4 but apparently not - sorry!

    Nevertheless - I am not sure that development for ZotHero is still active (no response from 2 issues sent to Github). I guess this post is a desperate move...

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