Black figure artefact in PDF viewer

For this item,, the figure on page 610 (page 2 of 4) shows a large black artefact in Zotero's PDF viewer that obscures most of the figure.

Here is a picture:!Aq5hTi4P2Wf5i_QUkNIrD6NR01fwjQ?e=Rx9ga3

The figure displays fine in Acrobat.
  • @bwiernik Try to set layers.acceleration.disabled pref to true, as it can be GPU acceleration issue. If that helps, it would be useful to know which GPU are you using.
  • edited November 8, 2021
    Yep, that fixed it, and re-setting to false brought it back.

    I'm running a Surface Book 2 on Windows 11. Zotero has been using the internal Intell(R) UHD Graphics 620 display adapter.

    If I force it to use the discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU, the problem is resolved.
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