Feature request for Zotero (for iOS): another possibility to order the papers in a collection

edited November 6, 2021
It would be great if the order of the displayed papers in a collection could be (also) based the time of the last modification (the last modified item displayed at the the top of the collection).

I typically keep adding papers to the collection but it is just the three or five last added papers that I switch among at a given time. This is less convenient with a few dozens of papers in a collection because I always have to find them somewhere in the middle of a long list. In fact, similar criterion for ordering items is provided by common file managers. Obviously it reflects the style of work of many of us – we just actively use the last few added pieces, the rest is for archival purposes.

I was hesitating if this feature should also be requested from the PC version of Zotero client, but on a PC I use Zotero mainly for creating and managing the collections of papers and much less for reading them. Therefore such need of conveniently finding the last added few paper is less urgent.
  • You can sort by whatever field you want, including Date Modified, in both the desktop and iOS app.


    There’s a button in the iOS app.
  • Ooops! Indeed. I see. That is awesome.

    I feel stupid, but let me explain that clicking on the sorting icon (in the iOS app), it did not occur to me initially that I need to click on the "Sort by: Author" to actually change the sorting criterion. I just overlooked the colon symbol that certainly suggests that the sorting criterion can be changed.

    Many thanks for this app to the author(s). Zotero was actually the main (and nearly the only) reason for me to buy an iPad. I have completely stopped printing papers and I am surprised by how convenient it is to read (and reread and annotate and manage the collections of) papers in an electronic form. While I still prefer reading books in print, for papers it is definitely more convenient now to "consume" them in digital.
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