Reporting suspected breach of security to my account


I have updated my Zotero profile page but am not seeing the changes reflected. I am under the impression that communications between the one or more computers that I have been using and my Zotero account are being intercepted and/or manipulated.

Thank you for reading.

Dennis Francis Blewett III

See also:
(2) For anyone with website permissions:
  • (This does look like a display issue of your profile, but there are no indications it's a security issue, so I wouldn't worry about that)
  • I'd like to see a moderator and/or administrator reply to my thread before generating a new thread.
  • There's no need for a new thread either way. I'm just telling you this isn't how a security breach looks like.
  • Your updated profile was flagged as potential spam so it was not made immediately publicly visible. It is now publicly visible.

    Nothing here indicates any account compromise or connection interception.
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