Search failure in collections.

The Quick search function is said to operate in a collection (as well as in a library).
But, when I search eg by typing an author name:
- nothing appears in the result if I do this search in a collection (whatever the mode selected, including option settled to "Everything");
- the corresponding items do appear if I do this search in My Library.

Is it mandatory to do the search in the Library level, although the documentation says "Quick searches provide a fast way to find items in a library or collection." ?

Thank you in advance for answers and advice.
  • quick search works in collections, but it does not include results from subcollections, could that be the issue?
  • Indeed !
    I just checked it: it works in collection root; but it doesn't for subcollections content.

    But searching in a collection root is not very useful, because there is not a lot of items in such a root, usually, when items are organized in a subcollections tree.

    So, I understand that a search is only useful in the library, completed by the selection+Ctrl to locate the item in the tree.

    Thank you for your help, Adam.
  • There are many threads on this, but to state the obvious, the collection search field in the ipad app works very usefully to find (often hidden) subcollections; it would be great to have the same tool in the desktop.
  • That's a different topic, though -- the ability to search collections is generally planned, but indeed not available in the desktop app. The ability to search in subcollections via quick search, however, is available: You just need to toggle "Show items in Subcollections" in the "View" menu.
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