An error occurred while saving this item

An error occurred while saving this item. Scopus may limit the number of items you can save at once. See Site Access Limits for more information.
Cuando intento guardar artículos en zotero me aparece el anterior error. Como puedo solucionarlo. Mil gracias
  • It's exactly what it says — Scopus is limiting the number of items you can save at once. See Site Access Limits for more info.
  • I am getting this same error when I use the Firefox Zotero Connector to download Scopus items, and I am pretty sure it is a bug. Scopus lets you download up to 2000 items, I was trying to download 20. Following the failure of the ingest using the Connector, I tried to download and the records as RIS and Scopus blocked my account for 20 minutes. This happened yesterday. I'm using Connector version 5.0.92 (updated 2022-01-05), running Firefox 91.5.0esr (64-bit), which the About Firefox popup tells me is "up to date"

    This has happened to me in the past as well, though I don't have version info for the past instances. (In the past I've reported to Scopus, but they have been unhelpful.)

    It seems like there is something going on with the Connector. It doesn't always happen--has worked great for me sometimes.

    Anyway, unless you know it's working, the best option is to download the citations as an RIS file and import from Zotero after download. If you try the Connector first and it fails, you're a bit out of luck at least for the 20 minutes Scopus prevents you from doing anything
  • I mean this happened today, not yesterday--it's been a looooooong day...
  • No, it's not a bug. Scopus lets you download 2,000 items using their built-in export, but it'll block external tools under certain conditions, including Zotero. Nothing Zotero can reasonably do about that.

    As discussed on the page dstillman links to, using built-in export is often a good way to avoid site rate limits
  • Thanks. I've reported it to Scopus (again). They have referred me to their API team. It's interesting because it doesn't always fail, but when it does, they really shut you down from downloading by any method. And I'm so used to using the Connector and having it work, that I always forget...
  • This sort of intermittent blocking is always just under the control of the site. The one thing we could do on our end is preemptively space out multi-item requests a bit in the Scopus translator. We can't do that at the moment for technical reasons, but we'll be rolling out a change soon that should let us do so, and after that we could have it attempt, say, one a second instead of sending all requests in quick succession.
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