Primo & Zotero: Book section wrongly identified as document item type

It seems that during tranfer of data (via Zotero Connector) Zotero wrongly identifies book chapters in various Primo catalogues (tested) as "Document" and not "Book Section" item type. For that reason - I suspect - important data, such as book title, are not being transferred to Zotero, or don't populate correct field (page-numbers) .

Is that something that can be rectified via Zotero Translator mappings?

An book chapter example:
  • Would be cool if this problem could be fixed soon! We have here at our University Library Catalogue the same problem with the connector - unfortunately, not only with book chapters, but also with entire books! For many American and European University Libraries that use the Discovery Tool "Primo" by Israel company "Ex Libris" Zotero is actually no longer usable. You have to edit EVERY book in your Zotero Library - you have not only to change Type "document" also the ISBN is stucked into the row "Extra" :-/ ...


    Best regards from Berlin

  • On it, thanks!
  • Just pushed a fix for this issue. Your Zotero Connector should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Translators in the Advanced pane of the Zotero Connector preferences. Please let me know if everything is working as expected!
  • Thanks a lot! It works perfectly now!
  • So this is also now an issue in Primo VE, will you also be updating that translator?
  • @AbeJellinek - Our consortium of 38 institutions recently migrated to Ex Libris' Primo VE, and we are all seeing the problem of books being pulled as documents via the Connector. We'd love a solution soon, before term starts for all our students! Thanks.
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