Installing Zotero web-library on a commercial server


Im trying to run the web-library on an commercial server / dev environment such as or Heroku.

I use this repo

and I am able to run it locally using npm install then npm start.

However, when I create a build on a distant server I have no idea how to run the service properly. It looks like I successfully build the web-library but then I need to define a process to be run.
For example in Heroku, here is the way to to it:
"web: npm start
This declares a single process type, web, and the command needed to run it. The name web is important here. It declares that this process type will be attached to the HTTP routing stack of Heroku, and receive web traffic when deployed. This command will use the start script that is specified in the package.json."

But I don't really know what process since npm start doesn't work in this case.

What should I do with my build (npm run build) ?
  • Please post technical discussions to Zotero Dev group. Also bear in mind that we don't offer support for integrating Web Library with specific architectures.
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