Google Books result fails to scrape

The first result fails to scrape.

Side question:
Should I post this under "Troubleshooting" or "Site translators"?
  • Thanks for the heads-up. We've adjusted our translator and it will be available shortly.
  • The new Google Books translator is now available. Zotero should update to the new translator automatically within 24 hours. You can update manually by going to the Preferences under the Actions (gear) menu and clicking "Update Now".
  • Hi, I've just updated now (Nov 20th 2007) and I'm still unable to get zotero to read google books citations. Here is the one I'm trying:
  • This problem is now fixed. Your Zotero site translators will update themselves automatically within 24 hours, or you can go into Zotero preferences and click "Update" now. Please do not double post in the future.
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