field code corrupted

Hi everyone!

Everytime I want to add a new citation I get the following message:

The Zotero field code corresponding to this citation, which tells Zotero which item in yur library this citation represents, has been corrupted. Would you like to reselect the item?
Clicking "No" will delete the field codes for citations containing this item, preserving the citation text but potentially deleting it from your bibliography.

So everytime I click "Yes" and select the same citation again before I can add the citation I wanted to add in the first place. This only happens with one specific citation, but happens every time. Of course I could go on selecting it over and over again, but it starts to be very annoying so I hope you can give me any advice on how to solve the problem.
I'm using Zotero 2.0b7.2
Zotero MacWord Integration 3.0a4
Word 2008

Thanks in advance!
  • Can you copy and paste the problematic citation into a new document and email it to
  • Do you just need the citation or also the bibliography?
  • Just the citation should be fine. Thanks.
  • For whatever reason, all caps is turned on in that citation, which is why it's not being interpreted correctly. Try selecting it, going to Format->Font, and unchecking the "All Caps" box.
  • This was a very quick solution :-) I wonder how that happened. Anyway, thank you VERY much! Everything works like it's supposed to now.
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