Acronym in text and acronym+full name in bibliography?


I feel like there is a solution for this, probably I've seen something by Bwiernik, but cannot find it.
Is there a way to have the following output?

in text:
.... (BAG, 2017)....

BAG (Bundesanstalt für Gesellschaft), 2017, Statistics on my own title. Geneva.

  • Two options:

    1) enter BAG (Bundesanstalt für Gesellschaft) as the author in your data. When you insert the citation, click the blue bubble and check the Suppress Author box and enter BAG as a prefix.

    2) my preferred option. Enter BAG as the author and Bundesanstalt für Gesellschaft as the publisher. That will be formatted like this, which I find acceptable.

    BAG, 2017, Statistics on my own title. Bundesanstalt für Gesellschaft, Geneva.
  • You're a star. Thanks. :)
  • I think we have some improvements for this planned for CSL 1.1, right?
  • edited March 10, 2024
    Just use the full name and acronym in the bibliography, as you want, and in text citation can be edited: you can "ignore" the author and just write wathever you want in the prefix field (e.g., NTSB)
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