An empty circle, despite the pdf is there (REPORT ID: 461770350)

The folder QDMY3ELH has the pdf file, yet today the empty circle sign appeared and the following error was reported:
[JavaScript Error: "Download request 1/QDMY3ELH failed"]

[JavaScript Error: "Win error 5 during operation removeEmptyDir on file C:\Users\user\Zotero\storage\QDMY3ELH (Access is denied.
)" {file: "(unknown module)" line: 0}]

This is one example of many, the same happened a few days ago.
  • Zotero can't access the file, likely due to security software on your computer or file permissions preventing it from asking the disk. You'll need to troubleshoot that — Zotero obviously can only work if it can access the files in its own data directory.
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