Zotero One Drive Word Add-in Issue

Is there any way to install the add-in for Zotero into word when I'm accessing word via my university one drive?

I'm on macOS

I've tried to disable and reenable the mac integration and install it via the preferences menu but it comes up with a Javascript error

Any help appreciated
  • Do you mean editing in Word Online? No, Zotero only works with the desktop version of Word
  • edited October 24, 2021
    Zotero seems to work with Office Online using the University one drive, at least I did not experience any problem. You have to keep Zotero open and you will need to install the Zotero Word-add on. Can you please state your operating system and what version of Zotero you use?
  • (word online and Word 365 are not the same thing. Zotero definitely doesn't work in Word online. It'll never show up there)
  • Thanks @adamsmith , my mistake, I meant Office 365, not office online.
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