[Bug?] are tags in beta annotations supposed to work?

Testing Zotero 5.0.97-beta.50 on Windows 10.

The annotations themselves work as expected. All of them (post-it notes, area annotations, highlights) have the option to also add tags, in addition to the main text annotation. Even autocompletion works on these tags. But the tags are not in fact visible in the resulting annotation file - neither inline on the individual annotations of any type, nor as a note-level tags.

Where are they supposed to appear?
  • The tags are there to allow future filtering and searching, but that hasn't been implemented yet.
  • @Ookimi: In the latest beta, you can filter annotations by color or tag in the PDF reader sidebar (and, if you like, add just those annotations to a note). It will be possible to filter by annotation tags from the library view tag selector in a future version.
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